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Item D

110 Replacement Land Rover chassis


New galvanised chassis.
Mode for LHD or RHD vehicles.


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Item E

Built up chassis RHD/LHD (offer is subject to availability of axels)


New chassis as above.
Second hand Land Rover 110 axels as removed from vehicles, steam cleaned, painted black and checked.
New springs and shock absorbers.
New bump stops, new bushes, new brake pads, shoes, hoses.
Steering damper kits.
NOTE: No wheels supplied. Axels are checked but not overhauled.


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Item F

Built up chassis RHD/LHD with fully rebuilt axels


Parts to be fitted.
New chrome steering balles, oil seals bearings, CV joints. Axel shafts checked.
New brake discs and dust covers, callipers stripped down and reconditioned.
New brake hoses.
New bushes to suspension, pannard arms and A Frames ect.
New bump stops x4, coil springs x4. New shock absorbers x4. New track rod ends and ball joints. New steering arm damper. Front drag link arm and new track rod ends fitted.
Steering damper kit.
NOTE: No wheels supplied.


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