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Alterations & parts required to convert leaf spring Land Rovers
to coil spring


New Designa Coil Chassis


Axels - either Land Rover 90 or Range Rover.
All suspension arms, A frames, pannard arm & drop arm


Steering parts down to the bottom drop arm on steering relay
Tie bar from Land Rover 90 or Range Rover required


Bodywork - minor alterations to the front wings, cut out approximately 17.8cm x 5.1cm (7" x 2") to clear top of spring mounts

Rest of bodywork bolts into existing holes


Brakes - we recommend you update the braking system by using Land Rover 90/110 pedal/box, servo master cylinder & pressure balancing valve

If your Land Rover has a Series III type servo & dual master cylinder already fitted these can be used, but you would still require a vacuum pump from a Citroen or Peugeot diesel & the Land Rover balancing valve